TH Productions is a production company specializing in TV specials, series and documentaries, located in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Since founded by Udi Zamberg and Michael Tapuach on 1994, TH Productions has been one of the leading companies in Israel.

In its list of projects you'll find many productions in all entertainment fields varying from – youth city festival in TLV; Drama Series – Florentin, Barefoot; Documentaries –  Flight 107 (The story of late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon), The Way Back (The story of Israeli singer Rivka Zohar); events and ceremonies such as Film and TV academy awards; Israel Song Festival and Pre-Eurovision contest and many more.

We keep up to date with all major trends and connected to key professionals in the TV & Film industry, thus succeeding in creating innovative and professional content to our clients – all major TV channels in Israel. 

Udi Zamberg
Co Owner & Manager

Udi Zamberg began his career as a producer in Tel-Aviv Monicipal Event dep. in which he produced Festivals, Media events and TV series such as "Lo Kolel Sherut" (Service not Included). In 1994 Udi Zamberg founded TH Productions, and is its active manager ever since.